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11 Soccer Positions Explained (Roles and Responsibilities)

11 Soccer Positions Explained (Roles and Responsibilities) Soccer positions are generally divided between offensive ones and their defensive counterparts. Traditionally, defenders have defended while the attackers attacked. But in the modern game, players should be comfortable in a number of different playing styles and fulfilling a variety of ...

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Soccer positions and formations can vary based on several factors, including age group, league, coaching strategy and number of players allowed on the field. Here, we look at a standard 11-vs.-11 game to show how defensive, midfield and offensive positions work based on the roles they play and the numbers assigned to them.

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The positions in soccer are one of the basic fundamentals to know, whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out. The general positions are forward, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper. Each position has a specific area of the field that they cover. This includes how far back or forward and how far left or right their territory spans.

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This position’s requirements mean that there is a relatively small area of the field that a full-back has to cover. That area is to the right or the left of the central defenders and, usually, from just the defensive goal line to a little before the halfway line.

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Soccer Positions Explained: Names, Numbers And Roles

Traditionally Assigned Soccer Position Number: 1. Every formation features a goalkeeper. The goalie is the only player who can legally use his or her hands to touch the ball on the field.

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Average soccer player height by position. The following heights are pulled directly from college rosters. NCSA has pulled the heights and positions for all college soccer roster for the last 6 years and below represent the average heights, broken out by position and division level.

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The positions are divided into goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward. Aside from the goalie, every type of position will have multiple players on the field at any given time. For example, a team may have 2, 3, 4, or 5 defenders. This means that unlike other sports, there aren’t technically fixed positions for every game of soccer.

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Checking in and out and exchanging positions makes up the movement of the forwards. One forward check in and the other rotates to the deeper position in a sort of exchange. With a lineup that has two forwards aligned in a pair in the center of the soccer field, the closest forward checks back to the ball at an angle, to the right or left.

Defensive Soccer Positions: Everything You Need to Know ...

Defensive soccer positions are some of the most important positions on a soccer team. They have the responsibility to defend their team’s goal as well as be the foundation of many attacking moves. The first thing to understand when we are looking at defensive soccer positions is where the defenders are actually positioned on the field during ...